Connected Healthcare Integrated Fitness (CHIEF)


Our multi-awards winning solution, Connected Healthcare Integrated Fitness (CHIEF) is a mobile solution for managing remote monitoring through systematic tracking of patient’s activities. We innovated CHIEF based on the concept to create a need and motivation for patients to continuously engage in long term behavioural change. CHIEF implements a “supportive accountability framework”, allowing healthcare professionals to view the patient’s daily logs and offer feedback. The app tracks a number of metrics such as Physical Activity, Sleep, Diet, Body vital signs, Medication & Mental Activity, providing a more accurate and comprehensive view for healthcare professionals. Users would be motivated to stay healthy through consistent feedback from a network of healthcare professionals.

CHIEF can play an important role in the provision of home care to chronically ill patients. The app and smart devices may serve many purposes. First, it can detect problems, generate alerts (to both the patient and the case manager) and make suggestions to patients on how to adjust their therapeutic plans. It can also reduce measurement entry and transmission errors by having medical technologies such as sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters and spirometers transmit the electronic data. Depending on the sophistication of the device, it can provide additional benefits, such as improving patient education and empowering patients to manage their own health. If necessary, the case manager can intervene directly by contacting the patient by phone or messaging.

Chronic disease patients are often treated with medications. They are exposed to increased burden with drug expenditures and relating to additional acute care episodes brought on by non-compliance issues as well as adverse reactions. CHIEF can assist patients in managing their medication compliance and, also enabling detection of early signals of potential adverse reactions or other patient safety issues. This would render a better health care service with the availability of professional through remotely accessing the patients.

With CHIEF, the health care service and management of patients with chronic diseases is therefore becoming not only a clinical imperative but also a financial one.

What’s Next
A pilot study will be conducted in University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) Department of Primary Care Medicine on usability and utility testing of a remote Chronic Disease Monitoring Kit (rCDMK) among doctors and patients.

Project Team
LOO Chu Kiong
Nik Sherina HANAFI
Fadzillah HANUM
MOY Foong Ming
Ghalib Ahmed TAHIR
Muhammad ANWAAR
Sundus ABRAR
Alhafizah A. RAMOS
Norshaziera Ezianti binti MOHD SALIM
ENG Jui Yee
XU XiaoHan, Lara
TEOH Seng Jing

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Artificial intelligence for behavioural change, Patent PI 2015701307

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