The DMIT (Decision Making in Insulin Therapy) project

The DMIT (Decision Making in Insulin Therapy) project aims to develop patient decision aids (PDAs) to assist patients with type 2 diabetes in making informed, shared decisions with their healthcare providers about starting insulin therapy. These decision aids can be in the form of paper-based, web-based, or tablet-based versions.

Web-based and tablet-based versions of the PDA have been modified based on the booklet-based versions. These decision aids contain interactive content to guide patients in knowing about their treatment options and their values in order to choose which option they feel is best for them. The web-based version has been pilot-tested and a series of user-centered design recommendations for older age users have been published based on the process of development. As part of the training of healthcare professionals on how to use the PDA, an e-learning program on shared decision making has also been developed.

What’s next
We plan to trial the online training material and PDAs in a primary care setting. The web-based decision aids will be uploaded onto a centralised decision aid repository for Malaysian PDAs.

Project Team
NG Chirk Jenn
LEE Yew Kong
TEO Chin Hai
LEE Ping Yien
TONG Wen Ting
KHOO Ee Ming
KHATIJAH Lim Abdullah
LOW Wah Yun
CHIEW Thiam Kian

1. Lum, A. S. L., T. K. Chiew, C. J. Ng, Y. K. Lee, P. Y. Lee and C. H. Teo (2016). “Development of a web-based insulin decision aid for the elderly: usability barriers and guidelines.” Universal Access in the Information Society: 1-17.
2. Lee, Y. K., P. Y. Lee, C. J. Ng, C. H. Teo, A. I. Abu Bakar, K. L. Abdullah, E. M. Khoo, N. S. Hanafi, W. Y. Low and T. K. Chiew (2017). “Usability and utility evaluation of the web-based “Should I Start Insulin?” patient decision aid for patients with type 2 diabetes among older people.” Inform Health Soc Care: 1-11.

Project Funding
University of Malaya Research Programme (RP015B-13HTM).

Contact Person
LEE Yew Kong
Department of Primary Care Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya

Project Website