The ScreenMen Project

For decades, men live shorter and have higher morbidity and mortality compared to women. Health screening is one of the important strategies to improve men’s health; however, screening uptake in men remains low to date. Thus, using the United Kingdom Medical Research Council Complex Intervention Framework, this project aims to develop and evaluate a mobile web app (the ScreenMen web) to improve the uptake of evidence-based health screening in men.

Developed based on the user-centered approach, the ScreenMen web contains a short educational video which addresses misconceptions about health screening in men. It can also assess users’ health, provide advice about their health status and what screening tests to go for. Users may also find out some answers regarding screening in the FAQ section. The web also has a function to help users set up and remind them about their next screening date.

What’s Next
A randomised controlled trial will be conducted in the community to evaluate the ScreenMen web.

Project Team
TEO Chin Hai
NG Chirk Jenn
LIM Chip Dong
LO Sin Kuang

Teo CH, Ng CJ, Booth A, White A. Barriers and facilitators to health screening in men: A systematic review. Social Science & Medicine. 2016 Sep 30;165:168-76
Teo CH, Ng CJ, White A. What do men want from a health screening mobile app? A qualitative study. PLoS One. 2017 Jan 6; 12(1): e0169435
Teo CH, Ng CJ, White A. Factors influencing young men’s decision to undergo health screening in Malaysia. A qualitative study. BMJ Open. 2017 Mar 1; 7(3): e014364

University of Malaya Research Programme (RP041A-15HTM)

Contact Person
TEO Chin Hai
Department of Primary Care Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya

Project Website