HeRO (Health Research Online)

Clinical masters candidates undergoing specialist training often find it challenging to conduct their research projects which are part of their program. One of the reasons for this is a lack of time and opportunity to attend workshops on research. Online training courses present a flexible and viable solution as these can be completed by the candidates at their own convenience. An initiative to develop relevant courses for the Faculty of Medicine, called HeRO (Health Research Online), was launched in 2015.

A 6-week online course titled “Introduction to Research for Healthcare Professionals” was developed comprising topics such as refining a research question, literature review, quantitative and qualitative research, writing a proposal, ethics and grant applications. The course is offered free of charge to clinical masters candidates who then receive guided help from a course administrator. So far, more than two hundred users have signed up to use the course since it was introduced in 2016.

What’s next
The HeRO program plans to expand the number of courses to include other topics such as Academic Writing Skills and Dissertation Writing.

Project Team
NG Chirk Jenn
LAI Siew Mei Pauline
LEE Yew Kong

Project Funding
Support for the development of the materials was received from the Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya, the Academic Development Centre (ADeC UM) and the Centre for Information Technology University of Malaya (PTM UM).

Contact Person
LEE Yew Kong
Department of Primary Care Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
Email: leeyk@um.edu.my