eHealth Research Carnival 2018

Overview of the eHRC 2018

Over the five days of October 8th -12th, 2018, the University of Malaya eHealth Initiative (UMeHI) and research management unit (RMU) faculty of medicine successfully co-organized the FOM eHealth Research Carnival. This inaugural eHealth research carnival brought together researchers, academicians, clinicians, students and public to share experiences and updates on eHealth research.

The five-day event conducted three plenaries, four symposiums, three workshops, two seminars and a public forum delivered by invited speakers both internationally and locally. Talks by Associate Prof Adam Dunn from Macquarie University, Australia and Associate Prof James Pickering from University of Leeds, United Kingdom deserved honourable mentions as the major highlights of the event.

Another highlight was the eHealth hackathon. The hackathon served as a platform for undergraduate students from both medical and information and communication technology (ICT) background to work together. Under the guidance of expert mentors, they brainstormed ideas and generated eHealth innovations to solve problems related to healthcare systems or a particular disease. There were 34 students involved forming eight teams, each team was led by one expert mentor. The innovations they created ranged from a health app for patients with epilepsy (Epi) to medication alarm and compliance system (HackiT).

Registration to the sessions are open to researchers, academics, students and clinicians. In total, 83 participants attended the workshops and an average of 50 audiences attended each symposium. The public forum was specially held for the public where 20 people attended. Feedback from participants and speakers had been positive.

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