Events and Training

eHealth Research Carnival (eHRC) 2018

Date: 8- 12 October 2018

Venue: Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya


  • To increase eHealth awareness among UM staff, students and patients
  • To foster eHealth research collaborations within and across disciplines
  • To build capacity of researchers in eHealth
  • To provide a platform to generate eHealth innovations through a hackathon
  • To disseminate UM eHealth research and innovations
  • To increase public engagement in research

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4th UM eHealth Journal Club  
2.00 – 3.00pm, 13 March 2017
Bilik Serbaguna, Faculty of Medicine

Title: Breast Cancer Data Integration : Multidisciplinary Point of Care Data Capture for Innovative Healthcare.
Nurul Aqilah binti MOHD NOR, Sarinder KAUR and Nur Aishah MOHD TAIB,

Malaysia Breast cancer mortality is reported to be the highest in the region (Globocan2014), however data to ensure accurate reporting is scarce in Malaysia. Most Malaysian hospitals implement the electronic medical record (EMR) system, but it is primarily designed to meet clinical practice needs and doesn’t allow analytical capabilities in clinical work/research, hence we are extending the functionality through interconnection of computational strategies and data interoperability for clinical data to facilitate and interact with breast cancer research platforms.

An enhanced EMR provides real-time accurate clinical data from clinical visits which allows data tracking over time, useful in identifying patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings, cancer-follow up, monitoring recurrence and death. A mechanism is introduced by translating paper-based operations to automatic digital data capture and entry to be reflected in the current EMR system. The primary clinical data in EMR is then de-identified for secondary use to conduct research studies. Data integration with other clinical data sources and research databases provide a more comprehensive, accurate and real-time update of clinical data to be used as de-identified research data for epidemiological studies and audits.

A pilot on the Breast Surgery Module was executed successfully since February 2016 in Department of Surgery UMMC.