Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring System: the COSMOS project

The rising number of Covid-19 cases has put a huge burden on our healthcare workload not only to tend to those admitted to the hospital, but also to monitor suspected Covid-19 patients who are sent home to self-quarantine. While healthcare manpower is limited at frontline, a large number of healthcare workers have been tasked to routinely call Covid-19 patients at home daily or visiting them at home physically.

The CoSMoS application was thus, developed to aid home monitoring for UMMC’s Covid-19 patients. With CoSMoS, the monitoring process is automated, where patients can enter their symptoms into CoSMoS and subsequently receive healthcare advice on their condition in a daily manner. Their symptoms will also be sent to CoSMoS’s centralised system at UMMC, where the doctors will review their health data in real-time through a dashboard. Patients whose symptoms have worsened will be contacted and intervened before deteriorated. With CoSMoS, healthcare resources could be allocated more efficiently and those in needs could be taken care of better.

Team members:
Prof Dr Ng Chirk Jenn (Lead)^
Associate Professor Dr Adina Abdullah^
Associate Professor Dr Chiew Thiam Kian*
Associate Professor Dr Chan Chee Seng*
Dr Haireen Abdul Hadi^
Dr Liew Chee Sun*
Dr Lim Hooi Min^
Dr Ng Wei Leik^
Dr Teo Chin Hai^
Mr Lo Sin Kuang*
Mr Lim Chip Dong^
Mr Chin Jia Xiong*
Mr Chee Wai Xiong*
Mr Desmond Yeoh Teik Boon*
Mr Hoe Jiun Tian*
Mr Khooi Xin Zhe*
Mr Ng Kam Woh*
Mr Lee Yee Run*
Mr Ng Hao Siong*
Mr Poh Chi Jun*
Ms Sii Jia Wei*
Mr Low Jie Fong*
Mr Cheng Chen Xiang*
Mr Koay Kuan Choang*
Mr Lim Shin Wei*
Mr Koh Chang Jue*
Ms Tan Mei Yih*
Ms Yow Si Tian*
Mr Brandon Tan Zhirong*
Mr Lee Dywei*
Ms Foo Huei Ching*
Mr Cheng Wai Jun*
Mr Nathaniel Ong Yii Tak*
Mr Chew Swee Keat*
Mr Ting Wei Jing*
Mr Khor Philemon*

^Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
*Staff, students, or graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya